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COMPOST and soils

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Bagged compost- organic!
Grower: Ag Choice LLC
Price: $9.80 ( 1 bag - 40 lbs )
Available (Estimated): 198

Humus Compost. Ag Choice Compost has been approved for use in organic production and meets a stringent set of guidelines, ... more
COIR Coconut Block
Grower: Ag Choice LLC
Price: $9.80 ( 1 block )
Available (Estimated): 97

Coir is an eco-friendly peat moss alternative made from the husks of coconuts. Coir is used as a soil amendment ... more
Topsoil-bagged 40 lb
Grower: Ag Choice LLC
Price: $5.00 ( 1 -40 lb bag )
Available (Estimated): 99

Ag Choice organic compost mixed in a ratio with sandy loam to provide this excellent top soil blend! ALL MADE ... more