Tranquility Alpacas


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Our goal is to become a sustainable agri-business. In addition to animal sales, breeding, and service, we are also processing our alpacas fleeces ourselves in a smoke free home, using only green earth-friendly products. No harsh chemicals are used in the process. We have wide range of colors available; true black fleeces (blue-black, no brown or tipping on the ends), a range of fawn colors, light to dark browns, beige, and white.

Each fleece is first skirted to remove any large debris and secondary fleece that is not of the same high quality as the blanket fleece. (belly fleece, arm fleece, etc.) The fleece is then hand washed, rinsed, and air dried. Once cleaned, the fleece is then processed into batts on our drum carder. The batts can be used for fleece projects, or spun into yarn. Yarn is handspun, and can be created to order.

You can purchase fleece in any form, or combine your purchases for multiple uses. All fleece is prime blanket, the best quality fleece.

Tranquility Alpacas

Andover, New Jersey


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