Ag Choice LLC


USDA Certified Organic

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Ag Choice is the first New Jersey DEP approved agricultural composting facility permitted to collect and receive agricultural waste (i.e., animal and stall waste, spoiled haylege, silage, etc.) and compost it for off-farm use.

Ag Choice is recognized by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Services, Rutgers Cooperative Research and Extension, and the Sussex County Solid Waste Advisory Committee as an innovative, necessary and valuable business for New Jersey.

Ag Choice Compost has been approved for use in organic production and meets a stringent set of guidelines, as established by the USDA, Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA-NJ). Using compost instead of chemicals can reduce water pollution and create a better, safer, and cleaner environment for all of us.

We start with clean organics collected from our local communities such as livestock manure from farms, fruit and vegetable culls, bread, and floral waste from grocery stores, and organic processor waste such as spent nuts and leaves. We then follow an actively-managed aerobic (with oxygen) form of composting to transform these organic materials into a humified compost full of beneficial microbial life.

Ag Choice is on the forefront of responsible animal waste management, organic soil care and farm-based recycling.

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