DigIN on the Farm Online Farmers’ Market!

DigIN on the Farm’s online farmers’ market features growers from Sussex and Warren Counties, NJ. All farmer vendors are growers- no brokers- and all other vendors are small, local independent business who have made a commitment to our local communities, as well as to local agriculture and local food.

The mission of DigIN on the Farm Services is to promote local foods from the ground up- beginning with the farmer!


WELCOME to DigIN on the Farm’s virtual market location! We are proud to offer you food grown by area farmers, all from Sussex or Warren Counties. Truly homegrown foods from farmers who care about their communities and wish to provide the best food for area residents. YOU BUY DIRECT from our vendors, JUST LIKE AT A PHYSICAL FARMERS’ MARKET. Ordering occurs online, and your order is packaged for you by each vendor. You then pickup your orders on our scheduled pickup days, where your combined order is ready and waiting and is paid for with one transaction.

Join us now and order local farm products online each week! We have Friday pickups in Green Township, at LL Pittenger Farm, from 3:30-7pm; Hackettstown, at the Best’s Fruit Farm, Route 46, from 4:30-5:15pm, and we have a meeting point at the Hope Twp. Municipal lot at 5:30 as an option. We ALSO have pickup in the Blairstown/Knowlton area , from 6:00-6:30pm, at 160 vail road in the winter, and at Triple Creek Nursery in the spring-fall.

Ordering and pickup occurs *every other week *during the off season (OCTOBER-June).Weekly ordering and pickup June-October.

Every registered user receives an email when the market opens for ordering, detailing specials, promotions, new items and a reminder of the close date and pickup times!

Try us for two trial orders. Then, continue ordering AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE, as OFTEN or as INFREQUENTLY as you like,with a $12.00/year registration fee to continue to shop the market! This $12.00 fee covers some of the web-related operating expenses- really, this is $1.00/month to have local foods, from a variety of local farmers and businesses, ready for you to pickup at one convenient location!


We switch to weekly ordering and pickup during the prime market season, mid-July-September!

Other Services:
DigIN on the Farm Services can provide your connection to local farms and food. Visit: www.tamarajeanscully.com for more information!We provide speaker presentations about local farming and local foods for your group throughout Sussex, Warren, Morris and Hunterdon counties! Visit www.tamarajeanscully.com or
contact tammy@tamarajeanscully.com